Saturday 24 August 2019
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What Pests Can Cause Itchy Skin Conditions And Irritation?

What Pests Can Cause Itchy Skin Conditions And Irritation?

A lot of pests out there can make you itch like mad. One of these pests is the flea. Fleas are particularly tricky because they are really difficult to get rid of. They’re very hardy and durable. Bed bugs can also make you itch too, from their bites.

Spending time outside is going to be commonplace with Spring approaching. So if you can’t stop scratching, look for a specific target to blame. Let’s look at the usual suspects.

  • Look out for mosquitoes, especially near water.
  • Spiders are making their return, and their bites can be itchy, but are quite rare.
  • Ticks love to hide in leaf piles and bushes. If you like camping or walks in the woods, look out for these suckers.
  • Red ants are a nuisance, especially when they’re in your garden. Ants live in colonies so will swarm wherever there is food.
  • Keep an eye out for stinging insects. Bees and wasps are usually the most common during the warm weather. They are attracted to bright colours and sweet food and drink. Also try to avoid being too close to the flower beds. Remember flowers are their food, and will feel threatened if you’re a bit too close.

How To Prevent Being Bitten

Next time you want to spend some time outdoors, remember to wear lighter colours and cover up as much of your skin as possible. Insect repellants are also a great investment, and going for an all-natural one will suit those with sensitive skin. Try to avoid outdoor areas where there’s lots of water or dense vegetation. This is where pests love to live.

Another great way to avoid being bitten is to use a professional pest control company to treat your home and garden.

My go to pest control company is Empire Pest Control. They have all the right techniques to keep me and my family from being bitten in the warmer months.

If you want to read more pest prevention tips for Spring, you can do so over at There’s a whole host of helpful blog posts on every pest topic imaginable to help you with your pest problem.