Friday 22 June 2018
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Understanding The Basics Of HCG Weight Loss Products

Understanding The Basics Of HCG Weight Loss Products

For the uninitiated, HCG is a hormone produced naturally in the body during pregnancy. In the last five years, a lot has been written about the effectiveness of HCG for weight loss, but does it work? Here are some of things you need to know.

How does HCG work for weight loss?

According to this particular diet plan, using HCG drops can help in reducing the amount of body fat considerably. It also helps in suppressing appetite, which will aid in minimizing the calorie intake. HCG weight loss products can be used by men and women alike, and there are websites like, where you can find plenty of added information.

Things to expect

Most people who have follow the HCG diet claim to have lost a considerable amount of fat in the first week itself. Apart from losing pounds, you will also see a decrease in the centimeters of your waist. Oral HCG helps in reducing hunger, and the results will be visible even when you are not following a particular workout regime. HCG products attack the stubborn areas of fat, and you will find a big difference in your fat deposits, especially around the waist and stomach.

Things to eat and avoid

This is an extremely low-calorie diet, and therefore, you won’t be eating a lot of food. There’s no breakfast, but two major meals, each of which should contain a slice of bread, one fruit, a part of protein and one vegetable. For protein, you can try most of forms of lean meat, including white fish, crab and chicken. For veggies, beetroot, spinach, onions, radishes, cucumbers and asparagus are okay. For the bread, you can have one breadstick or a slice of regular bread. The fruits you can have include strawberries, oranges, apples and grapefruits. You don’t have to cut down your share of tea or coffee. All forms of sugar must be avoided, and you cannot have oils and butter.

Will I lose fat?

Yes, you will, because this is a low-calorie diet that restricts most forms of processed and junk food, including use of oils. However, with HCG diet plan, you must be careful about your exercise regimen, as well. For long term weight loss, you must eat foods that keep you happy too.

If you don’t want to put a lot of effort, just choose the right HCG products, which can be prescription-based or homeopathic.