The Vaper’s Cough Blues: Tips For Calming Your Cough Down

The Vaper’s Cough Blues: Tips For Calming Your Cough Down

It can be a bit frustrating if you seem to be experiencing a greater level of coughing compared to other users you know when you first start vaping.

Here is a look at what causes you to cough when you first try vaping and some tips to ease any concerns you have plus some pointers on ways to adjust so that you feel more comfortable and your cough calms down in no time at all.

You are not alone

The first thing to say is that it seems from feedback gleaned from fellow smokers that well over half of people do experience some degree of coughing when they first take up vaping, which is a surprise to many especially when they are switching from traditional cigarettes.

The good news is that for the majority of vapers the coughing is only a temporary situation and only a small minority experience any prolonged problems with coughing.

It can take your body a short while to acclimatize and there are even some theories around that suggest some tobacco cigarettes contain ingredients designed to suppress any coughing reaction, which is not the case with vaping.

Technique might be one answer

One of the reasons why smokers have switched to vaping from traditional smoking is because of the publicized damage you can cause to your lungs, and you do have to consider why you can breathe in tobacco smoke without a certain level of irritation that would make you cough when breathing in smoke made from plant matter.

At least when you find your favorite flavor, such as one hit wonder eliquid in the UK, and you combine it with a suitable vaping technique, you should be able to prevent the same coughing reaction from vaping, and you should also have a much clearer idea of all the ingredients.

Many cigarette smokers tend to draw smoke through their mouths and directly into their lungs, by comparison, the most popular vaping technique is to draw the vapor into your mouth and hold it there briefly before inhaling.

It seems that some vapers discovered that using the same technique that they used previously with cigarettes caused them to cough when they started vaping, so consider adjusting your method if you are making the switch and learn how to vape, to reduce the prospect of any coughing problems.

Nicotine levels

It is also relevant to point out that a higher nicotine level could lead to a harsher vape and this raises the prospect of suffering from a bout of coughing.

It is understandable that some smokers will need to have a higher nicotine level in order to successfully make the switch to e-cigarettes, but the drawback could be an increased likelihood of coughing, so bear this in mind when you first move over to vaping.

Stop the cough

There are some other things to try so that you can quickly put a stop to any coughing problems you might be experiencing.

Experiment with different techniques to see what works best for you and another good tip would be to change the PG/VG ratio. The majority of e-liquids are comprised of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG).

VG is considered the smoother of the two and it might pay to try an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio so that you reduce the prospect of coughing.

Follow some these suggestions and any coughing issues should hopefully prove to be short-lived.