Friday 22 June 2018
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The Health Benefits of Vaporizing Essential Oils

The Health Benefits of Vaporizing Essential Oils

Inhaling delicious tasting and smelling substances from herbs and oils is one of humanity’s favourite pastimes and stress relievers. Unfortunately, smoking such substances is undeniably unhealthy. Luckily, there is a far healthier and smoother way to enjoy herbs and essential oils, and that is through vaping.

With an oil pen, you will be able to enjoy all of your oil-based therapy on a new level of purity and sensational enjoyment, all without the impurities and health effects. It is every smoker’s dream, being able to get the most out of their beloved concentrates, without having to cough.

The History of Vaping

While some people may be under the impression that this nifty system is a modern invention of the technological 21st century, vaporizing herbs and oils dates back to some of the earliest cultures that emerged in the most foundational phases of civilisation.

Joseph Robertson may have brought vaporization to the Western world in the 1920s, but Arabs were doing it in hookahs hundreds of years before that, and there are even cultures that were vaporizing liquids as early as the 5th century.

Inhaling vapours may not be new to humanity, but too many people today have only just begun finding out about this fantastic aromatic hobby. It was only in the 1960s that a man by the name of Herbert Gilbert began laying down the foundations for what we understand as an e-cigarette or vaporizer today.

The Humidifying Effects of Vaporization

If you enjoy humidifying your living spaces, vaporizers are an excellent way to bring humidification to a living room or lounge, through the application of essential oils. Many aromatherapy enthusiasts would traditionally just plop a couple of essential oil drops into a steaming hot bowl of water and then place their heads over the bowl with a towel covering everything.

You no longer need to go through so much trouble with an oil pen. All you need to do is add a couple of drops to the device of your choice, adjust the temperature for heating, and then inhale to your heart’s content.

The Health Benefits

Vaporization has for many centuries been used to heal various ailments and conditions. Its healing effects take place through the inhalation of essential oils, which then disperse throughout the body after reaching the lungs.

You can witness this process being performed in many cultures, where their traditional healing rituals may involve the heating of herbs or oils to such a temperature that the chemical compounds are vaporized and then inhaled by the sick person.

Such inhalation is a fast-working remedy to a number of ailments. We all know that when we are suffering, the fastest and most effective solution is certainly the best. Things like sore throats, catarrhal conditions, and physical and mental fatigue can all be remedied through vaping essential oils.

There are plenty of mental reliefs as well – anxiety and tension, a frantic nervous system, and depression can be greatly curbed through inhaling essential oils.