Friday 23 August 2019
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Separating the Facts from Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Separating the Facts from Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is viewed as one of the most humiliating problems a man can experience and while that perception is wrong, it can have a significant impact on a man’s personal relationships and self-confidence. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding this penile disorder often prevents patients from seeking treatment.Therefore, they suffer due to the effects of a problem that’s perfectly treatable and even curable in most cases. To make things easier for men who are suffering from this very common phenomenon, here are a few facts that should help you to look past the many myths about ED and find a solution.

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Myth: It is Natural to Experience ED after 40

While it is quite common for men older than forty to experience erectile dysfunction, it most certainly isn’t natural. As we get older, we may lose some of our sexual prowess, but a full-blown erectile dysfunction is not supposed to happen naturally just because you have hit forty. There are definitely underlying psychological or physical reasons responsible for the problem and only a doctor can help you identify and overcome them.

Myth: Young Men Don’t Experience ED

What people forget is that not all causes of erectile dysfunction are physical and a large number of the people who are affected by it suffer from ED because of psychological reasons, which can affect even young men. Although rare, it is not unheard of for males as young as twenty or even younger to lose their sex drive due to physical causes.

Partial Truth: ED Can be Dangerous

The very fact that you are experiencing erectile dysfunction is enough to cause any man a lot of mental stress, as well as putting a dent in your confidence, but the condition itself is nothing dangerous. However, if the inability to get an arousal is brought on by a dangerous underlying disease such as diabetes or a weakened/blocked heart, then ED is no longer a disorderbut a symptom of a life-threatening disease that must be addressed first.

Partial Truth: ED Indicates Loss of Interest in the Man’s Partner

There are many problems that can lead to a failure to achieve an erection, but it is almost preposterous to consider a loss of interest as the primary cause right away. There’s diabetes, heart problems, neural disorders, drugs, prostate issues, depression, stress, anxiety and many other possible causes of ED. However, it’s true that a loss of interest in the man’s partner is also an established cause.

Whatever the actual cause of ED is in any particular case, it is important to figure it out as soon as possible and you can take the first step towards that by heading over to more information and possible treatment options.

Under proper treatment, patients are usually able to attain erections and get back to their sexual life after the very first session. However, depending on the severity of the underlying causes, it can take a bit more time in some cases.