Saturday 24 August 2019
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Latest Tattoo Removal Solutions – Get the Updated Knowledge

Latest Tattoo Removal Solutions – Get the Updated Knowledge

With the current advancements in the laser technology, tattoos are not lifelong commitment, as they are used to be. However, it does not mean that laser tattoo removal process can be opted for any type of tattoos.

Laser technology can permanently and effectively remove tattoos leaving the skin healthy and scar less. It is a great relief for anyone who wants to change or remove the tattoo according to their personal style and age. In order to have realistic approach towards tattoo removal, you must understand the latest technology that can erase it.

Understanding laser basics

Laser tattoo works with a concentrated pulse light emitted from a laser beam. It passes though the surface of the skin. The color in the underlying layers and the top layers gets absorbed by the light.

Hence the pigment break downs into smaller parts. It is then removed by the bodily mechanism. The nitrogen level in your blood will determine how many sittings you require. Black and blue color tattoos absorb more light energy from the wavelength’s of the laser.

Therefore, these are the easiest color to remove. On the other hand green and yellow pigment do not absorb much energy and it may take time. You must understand that color is not the only factor. Quality of the ink, depth of the color in your skin, amount of ink used, area covered by the tattoo and the age of the design will also affect the results.


Laser tattoo removal services usually take few minutes per sitting. However, the sitting may differ from person to person depending on difficulty in removing the tattoos. At least 3 to 4 weeks is required to allow the body replenish the pigment and allow usual skin pigment to surface.

Moreover, to fasten the process, you can take other related services. You must consult with your health care professional to advise you on. He can guide you better depending on your body functions and age.

Recent times, Q switch lasers are being used. These type of lasers emit high voltages and high pulsed light energy rays. There are three types of lasers:

Q switched Ruby

Q switched Alexandrite and

Q switched Nd: YAG laser

Of all these types Q switched Nd: YAG responds the best to any type of color. However, the results may vary from person to person.


Before you are planning to go for tattoo removal services you must understand that it an expensive process and at times it may take more than 6 months to get rid of the tattoo. You should consult with a skin dermatologist before starting the procedure.