Friday 23 August 2019
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India- a Preferred Destination for complex skin diseases

India- a Preferred Destination for complex skin diseases

India has become the most preferred destination for medical treatments around the world. More and more people have started visiting India for medical treatments, contributing to the boost in the medical tourism sector. There is a new trend emerging to club their vacations with medical facilities.

The cost of medical treatments is on an expensive side in other countries as compared to India where the cost is affordable and the quality is high. Medical tourists prefer visiting the major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai for their treatments but Bangalore is the most sought after city for skin specialists who provide world class facilities.

Along with the medical treatments, there are many tourist attractions in and around Bangalore where they can enjoy their vacation. Prior booking are made with the best skin specialist in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai to plan everything in detail to get a hassle free treatment.

Talking about the various skin treatments in demand by the Medical tourists:

  1. Vitiligo Treatment

There are various treatments for vitiligo medications, light therapy, laser therapy and experimental therapy. In case these do not work the doctor may suggest an option of surgery.

The skin specialist may suggest any of the procedures depending on your condition:

  • Autologous Skin Grafts: This type of skin grafting uses your own tissues by removing tiny pieces of skin from one area of the body and attaches them to another. Your doctor removes sections of your normal pigmented skin and places them on the depigmented areas.
  • Blister Grafting– Blisters are formed using suction on your pigmented skin and the top of the blisters are removed and transplanted on the discoloured skin.
  • Grafting-Small sections of skin is removed from the normal pigmented skin and attached to the areas which have lost the pigments.
  1. Tattoo removal

The removal of tattoo is also a popular treatment which is removed by laser tattoo removal technique. This technique makes use of a high-intensity light beam to break up the pigment colour.

There are several days required to completely get rid of the tattoo depending on the size, age and colour of the tattoo. The tattoo pigment’s depth and the skin colour also affect the removal procedure.

There are many reputed skin specialists in Bangalore who are highly qualified and experienced in tattoo removal technique.

  1. Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal is a most popular procedure all over the world removing the unwanted hair on different parts of the body like facial hair, underarms etc. It removes unwanted hair by beaming highly concentrated light into the hair follicles. The hair gets destroyed with the light being absorbed by the pigments in the follicles.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure which requires high training and concentration so it important to take decisions while selecting the best doctor. It takes around 3 to 7 sessions before the hair loss is permanent.

  1. Mole Removal

Mole removal is also a sought after procedure depending on various reasons. The specialist may remove the mole using a blade without any stiches or a method in which the doctor may use stiches.

There are various other treatments that can be treated hassle free. India is becoming a famous destination for various treatments that are not affordable in different countries therefore, increasing the tourism and forcing the specialists to improve the quality of treatment.

Patients now trust the Indian doctor’s expertise for the treatments because they are dealing with different types of patients with different cases.

If you are planning to visit India, then you can avail the best medical treatments available here at an affordable price without compromising on quality. For skin treatments, you can check out the best skin specialists in Bangalore who are highly experienced and competent.


Medical tourism is fast growing in India. We are promoting medical tourism now days so giving comfortable environment for tourists from abroad. As I mentioned before that India provides complex treatments at the affordable cost and especially skin specialists in Bangalore have tremendous knowledge and the techniques they use are latest, clinics are well-equipped there. India is the best place to club your vacation with treatment so visiting India is worth.