Wednesday 20 June 2018
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How to Get Medical Cannabis Delivered to Your Door

How to Get Medical Cannabis Delivered to Your Door

Medical marijuana has long been a subject of immense controversy, even since the late 1930s when the first marijuana laws were put into place to regulate and tax cannabis and its derivatives. Different forms of cannabis are legal for medical consumption in 23 states and Washington D.C., and are also legal for recreational consumption in seven states including Alaska, California, and Colorado.

Recreational smokers and MMJ patients alike have likely heard the stories of the early days of the medial marijuana “green rush” when it seemed that any sketchy dude with a marijuana connect could open a dispensary, this ultimately led to a black market as it were, of dispensaries popping up who implemented less than reputable business and ethical practices, while shops like The Green Cross and Harborside Medical Center  who are shining examples of responsible medical marijuana delivery services.

With the passage of Proposition D in Los Angeles in 2013, and through a series of DEA raids, more than 100 shops were forced to close for business. Many owners and landlords were subsequently fined for improper licensing, or for being too close to prohibited structures such as libraries, community centers and schools.

While the efforts of law enforcement agencies may look good on paper and help the prominence of certain politicians who instigate these crackdowns, they ultimately failed to curb cannabis use or sales. They just changed the manner in which many cannabis users procured marijuana.

               Many former marijuana-preneurs found themselves with huge stockpiles of cannabis and other derivative products like Hash Oils and Edibles without any brick and mortar storefront through which to sell them. This led to a burgeoning industry of cannabis delivery services – which tripled in three years from 877 in 2011 to more than 2,600 in 2014.

What You’ll Need to Get Delivery

               Well, for starters, it’s obviously imperative that you live in one of the 23 states where medical marijuana is legal, with Washington and Colorado having legalized recreational use outright with legislations passed in 2012.

               Second, you’re gonna need a prescription for medical buds. The signup process may differ greatly from state to state with fees ranging from $15 to $200 for the issuance of a “green card” but one thing’s for certain. Unless you live in Hawaii or Oregon, where any old doctor’s opinion will do,  you’re going to need a note from your primary care physician. Yes, the family doctor. If it’s your first time using a service, you’re also gonna need to provide your State I.D.

The legality of cannabis delivery services also varies from state to state, with some choosing to ban it outright, while others have allowed individual county legislators to decide for their respective jurisdictions, which is why it’s no surprise that you won’t see a single storefront in LA county, meanwhile there are plenty of services like Kushfly and Green Light who regularly deliver around the Hollywood area.

This blogger cannot make sense of the mish-mash shambles of contradiction that lawmakers call “legislation” regarding marijuana, but be sure to check all your local laws and regulations regarding cannabis possession and purchase before you try to have some delivered to your door. It’s a good call to make sure you’re not gonna catch a case over a plant.

Find a Delivery Service Near You

               Now that you’ve cut through all the bureaucratic red tape involved with obtaining a medical marijuana license, it’s time to buckle down and do your homework to find a delivery service near you. It can be serious hassle and quite overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Thankfully there are websites to help you find whatever strain you’re looking for, whether it be a Sativa with a high THC to treat depression or a high CBD strain to alleviate pain from physical ailments. Services like WeedMaps, Leafly and Where’s Weed are going to ultimately be the best guide.

               Once you’ve decided on a delivery service, the process is pretty much a piece of cake. Most services require you to create an account, and you will need to provide your doctor’s note in most instances. Certain states and localities have also restricted which payment methods can be used to purchase cannabis and cannabis products.

In California for example, DEA restrictions have banned payments with all credit cards, so it’s cash only state-wide. This too will vary based on where you live, but nevertheless it is critically important that you research all regulations regarding marijuana in your area. No matter what payment and billing method is used by cannabis couriers in your area, one thing is of the utmost importance: TIP YOUR DELIVERY PERSON! They’ve probably had quite a stressful day navigating through all that traffic.