Monday 22 July 2019
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All for one, one for all – Three reasons children should play sport

All for one, one for all – Three reasons children should play sport

For millions of people around the world, sport is a monumental part of their lives. There are those who play for fun, those who play for fitness, and those who live and breathe their chosen sport. Additionally, there are individuals the world over who may not participate in playing themselves, but who love it. From building good leadership skills to developing a team player, from cheering from the stands and debating about whose home team is better…there is something about sports that brings people together, something that gives people that sense of belonging and comradeship.

Most people you meet will have an affinity or a preference for at least one type of sport; it could be soccer, surfing, basketball, downhill mountain biking…it could be anything. When we are children, we often begin to show an interest in concepts like sports, that will live on past our childhood. Kids that actively participate in sports often reap the benefits early on, and carry those benefits with them for the duration of their lives. With an insurance policy tucked away to ensure a child’s safety, there are three big reasons that it is good for children to play sports, and each of them is valuable in their own way.

  1.  Having fun and feeling like they belong

When children are part of a team, they tend to feel a greater sense of belonging – something that is paramount to a child’s development. Being part of a team and playing a sport they love not only encourages them to embrace and welcome new people into their lives, but it also gives them the push to come out of their shells more when they are in an environment and a part of something that makes them feel accepted.

Sports is all about having fun. When children are participating, they are a part of the collective and it gives them a sense of pride that goes hand in hand with having fun during games, races, or sets. It all comes down to fun – the objective to have fun is why most kids start playing, after all.

  1. Appreciating their health and life in general

As much as most kids would relish the chance to play sport, for any number of reasons, some of them simply cannot. Therefore, children that do have the chance to play sports, and who actively decide to, experience an appreciation for what they are able to do.

Sports keeps them healthy and active, it is true, but it also gives them a sense of appreciation for life in general.


  1. Building character and shaping their passions

Sport is a fantastic way for children to build character. Being part of a team means that players are not only encouraged, but required to consider the other people on their team, as well as those on the opposing team (if teams are an integral part of the sport in question, that is). Kids learn to accept things better, to be compassionate, and to be humble.

Playing sports and being part of a team allows children to actively seek out their passions. As they hone their craft and grow into their skills, learning to further shape and improve them, they are given a sense of purpose that allows them to jump into the sport wholeheartedly and take full advantage of the chance to be a part of something they love while developing as an individual.