Friday 19 April 2019
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5 Men’s Health Fears and How to Deal with Them

5 Men’s Health Fears and How to Deal with Them

As men age, they start to fear a lot of things about their health, but they rarely talk about them, and often don’t even share those fears with their doctor or significant other.

However, these fears are very real, and for good reason. They can make a man feel weak and helpless, things that can affect his self-esteem and mental health along with the physical issues that come with them. In many cases though, modern medicine has ways to deal with these fears that are much better than they have ever been. Most can be handled discreetly with privacy and dignity both.

Here are five common health fears men have, and how to deal with them.

Loss of Sex Drive

Loss of sex drive is common as men age, and sometimes they have issues with sexual performance as well. These can be related to a number of things. Besides just taking a little pill to solve their problems, there are other ways men can treat performance issues and stay healthy enough for sex.

  • Diet: Men who watch their diet, especially those who deal with heart health issues, high blood pressure, or diabetes are typically sexually healthier than their counterparts who do not do these things.
  • Exercise: Also, men who stay in shape through regular exercise have fewer performance issues than men who do not, and also tend to have a more robust sex life. While it is not essential to be in tip top shape for optimal sexual health, it definitely makes it more fun.
  • Supplements: Some supplements, especially those that help promote good blood flow, can be very helpful for men who are struggling with loss of sex drive or erectile dysfunction.

A big part of a male sex drive is related to proper blood flow and good energy levels. Diet, exercise, and some supplements can help, but there is also no shame in taking medication if need be. Online pharmacies make discretion in this area easy to achieve, and men can often find free Viagra coupons and other discounts online as well.

Memory Loss

One of the other largest fears that men have is dementia or memory loss. Not being able to remember simple day to day things, especially short-term memory, can be very humiliating. There are several ways to mitigate this issue.

  • Mental Activities: Doing puzzles, playing games, reading challenging books, and nourishing the mind with active discussions is a great way to keep the mind agile and working, often a challenge in retirement, when work no longer satisfies that need.
  • Socialize Regularly: Social isolation also affects memory, and keeping an active social life is vital to mental health.
  • Get Organized: Have a place for things, and keep them there. Have a schedule and stick to it. Being organized will help your brain stay active, and will also prevent those frustrating moments spent looking for things you have misplaced.
  • Sleep Well: Getting enough sleep is vital to keeping short term memory sharp. Rest also enhances the mind’s ability to deal with changes throughout the day.
  • Medication: If you are at the beginning stages of dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s, there is hope in emerging medications. Consult a physician about these options.

Memory loss can be combated and does not have to be devastating. Self-care and awareness go a long way toward mitigating this fear.

Hearing Loss

From military service, firearms, and rock and roll concerts, many men have beat up their ears, and hearing loss is a real, and valid fear. While there are better and more subtle state-of-the-art hearing aids that can even be controlled by a smartphone. Hearing loss can be as traumatic for some people as losing a loved one, and trigger a grief cycle.

  • Don’t Discourage Feelings: It is normal for a man to feel frustration, anger, and even sadness at the loss of hearing. Allowing an emotional response helps deal with the issue head on later.
  • Ease Communication: Saying the person’s name before you speak, turning down background noise, speak slowly and clearly, but not too loud, and holding conversations in quiet areas make communication easier for the person with hearing loss.
  • Explore Options: Check into options like hearing aids, cochlear implants, and more.
  • Be Realistic: Be realistic about what can be done now and what can be done in the future to mitigate hearing loss, with the understanding that it may never be cured or go away entirely.
  • Seek Treatment: No matter what options a man chooses, getting treatment of some sort is the best way to mitigate the effects that hearing loss has, and return them to a better mental state.

It can be hard to endure hearing loss, and it can be equally difficult to be the partner of the person who is losing their hearing. Being proactive is the best way to combat this fear.

Vision Problems

Like hearing, sight is something that tends to get worse as eyes age. There are a number of options to mitigate this loss that make the transition to weaker vision easier.

  • Glasses: The traditional approach is to use reading glasses or even bifocals at first to deal with close and far vision issues. Stylish frames and the easing of the social stigma once attached to glasses makes this a good option.
  • Contacts: Cosmetically, contacts are often a better option than glasses, and new technology even allows for “bifocal” contacts for those who can adjust to them.
  • Surgery: There are corrective Lasik surgery options. Some of these, however, involve choices. Long vision can be corrected, but it might not have the desired effect on near vision, so reading glasses might still be needed.

Vision loss can be devastating, especially if it continues to deteriorate and leads to severe macular degeneration and blindness. The fears of loss of independence must be dealt with hand in hand with the vision loss itself.

As they age, many men have real fears about their health. Dealing with the issues as well as the fear itself will mitigate bot the mental and physical effect these changes have.


As we age our bodies may not function quite as well as they once did, but with the help of proper diet and exercise, as well as the modern marvels of medical science, we can lay some of the fear of aging to rest.

What effect has aging had on your hearing, sight, and sexual ability? Leave us a comment in the section below.